We are Leaders in Communication
Services Who Provide ...
  • Comprehensive speech, language, swallowing, and voice evaluations
  • Individual treatment programs
  • State-of-the-art computer programs
  • Personalized home speech activities
  • Guidance and education to families to promote continued progress and reduce duration of treatment

Symptoms Parents May Observe
Does your child?

  • Have difficulty being understood by others?
  • Communicate primarily by pointing?
  • Have limited ability conveying his/her feelings, so he/she becomes frustrated?
  • Have difficulty following directions?
  • Appear not to hear and/or understand what is being said?
  • Appear not to play appropriately with toys or with other children?
  • Have a hoarse voice, speak loudly or yell and/or use a rate that is too fast or too slow?
  • Show increased frequency of stuttering or increased frustration when trying to speak?
If you have answered, YES to any of the above. . .

WE can make a difference

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Useful Descriptions of Communication Difficulties:


We Can Help Children
with Other Challenges:


Other Special Services Offered:


What is Literacy and How Does It Impact Communication for
School-Age Children?

Language learning commences very early in life. There are specific language and communication expectations at each grade level. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are required. Each year, children must build upon the skills that were previously learned.

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